Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Sorry. One day late.
Thank you Lord for this greatest gift of our lives which we more often than not, neglect Him or take it for granted. This four weeks of Advent has been a packed but fulfilling one for me.
#1 Did not walked down Orchard Road or did any Xmas shopping at all. But i don't feel regretful.

#2 A challenging period of time trying to "give birth" to the Xmas pageant.
#3 Frustrations and stress over kitchen renovation works. But now that it's completed. Awesome.
#4 Fretting over Youth Room. But now at least several colour schemes are finalised and we're getting furniture soon.

What a fulfilling Advent season plus a short trip to Cambodia too. THank God for all the blessings and for helping me through the difficult times.

Xmas Pageant Midnight Mass.

Rushy rushy rushy. Din get the approval of the priest to dim the lights of the church, the multimedia image did not go well. Still, with faith, all of us still put in our best foot forward to deliver a meaningful and unique pageant for everybody. When I sang "The Answer", I could really sense the Holy Spirit working on me. It wasn't my best vocal then but it was my best delivery from deep within. At some point, tears nearly choked me. haha, luckily I pulled through fine. Anyhow, really really grateful for the bunch of people in the pageant for making everything possible, starting from nothing to something and ultimately to WONDER.
The climax continued to build up during the midnight mass as the whole church sang in UNISON loudly O COME O YE FAITHFUL for the entrance hymn. It almost have the atmosphere of a cathedral. It's heavenly. Everyone was rejoicing for this birth! It ended on another high with Joy To The World and Feliz Navidad with everybody participating. It's really once a year that this kind of spiritual high is experienced at a Mass. How i wish Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday would be the same too.

2 and a half more weeks to the start of another sch term. Checked my result today. No big surprises, just as grades quite stagnant now. Just hope that my CAP don't fall below 4.0 by the end of Yr4. Well, although ultimately when I graduate from my MAsters, it's just a pass/fail. Was thinking a lot the whole afternoon after the reveal of my results...i'm graduating I more suitable for the academic/research field? Or attempt the teaching path? Really don't fancy slogging my life in an architecture firm, I want to work with people, to give back to the society in a more direct way, and not being dictated by clients to build another super air-con luxurious hotel or shopping mall that consumes more energy, killing the earth and all about $$. Would venturing overseas be another choice for me? Hmm..not anytime soon. Decisions and discernment. Lord, please guide me.

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